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Café Mimosa

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These poems, like the café it celebrates, and the people who hang out there, are variously funky, funny, serious, original, full of life, cozy, smart, silly, insightful, fantastical, spiritual, inspiring, well-crafted and celebratory.

Jane Marla Robbins is a National Endowment of the Arts Poetry Grant Finalist and author of Poems of The Laughing Buddha; The Topanga Poems: Fifteen Years in the Canyon; and Dogs in Topanga. Her play, Reminiscences of Mozart by His Sister, commissioned by The Kennedy Center, was performed there and at Lincoln Center.

“The poetry is playful and moving. It resonates with the earnest search for, and finding of love and nurturing.
The book is wonderful.”
- Megan Rice, author of Black Mountain College:
My Creation Myth
and The Art of Mothering


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Poems of The Laughing Buddha

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“In these brightly lit and joy-filled poems, all inspired by a stone statue of the Laughing Buddha, Jane Marla Robbins practically dares the universe to bring her down, and it cannot do so.  In poem after poem, laughter triumphs over whatever comes her way, and it is a literate, knowing laughter, a cosmic, Buddhist laughter that will make even the most jaded reader say with the poet, “Okay, I’m smiling now./Okay, I’ll have fun.  With you./FUN!
--Gail Wronsky, poet, author of Blue Shadow Behind Everything Dazzling

Jane Marla Robbins is a National Endowment of the Arts Poetry Grant finalist. These poems, variously funny, inspiring, wise and moving, document her journey into greater and greater joy as she spends more and more time with her Laughing Buddha.


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Acting Techniques for Everyday Life

Experience the Power and Pleasure of Being Your Very Best in Any Situation

We can all name at least one situation - a business presentation, a job interview, a cocktail party, or a first date - in which we feel uncomfortable, nervous, or simply self-conscious. Now, with Acting Techniques for Everyday Life, you can learn how to create a sense of well being and confidence at will, so you can make even your most stressful moments easier and even fun. Author Jane Marla Robbins, a successful stage and screen actress, shares proven techniques that have long worked for professional actors and shows how they have been scientifically researched. Using real-life examples and easy-to-follow exercises, Robbins shows you how to:
• Look and feel self-confident at job interviews and business functions
• Be more charismatic, witty, and fun at parties and other social occasions
• Better cope with difficult or intimidating people
• Perform at your best when speaking in public or in front of a group
• Use breathing and relaxation techniques to put yourself at ease
• Feel strong, relaxed, and happy no matter what you’re doing

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Perform at Your Best: Acting Techniques for Business, Personal & Social Success

In this witty, informative, useful deck, the techniques that Jane so artfully communicated in her book, Acting Techniques for Everyday Life: Look and Feel Self-Confident in Difficult Real Life Situations, are easily understood and fun to read and use.

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Jane Marla Robbins
talks about how stage techniques can inspire you everyday
In an 18-minute Radio Interview
on CJAD Radio in Montreal, Jane Marla Robbins talks about how she came up with the idea for the acting techniques cards and how she uses them in her workshops. Even though actors have always used these techniques to make themselves more beautiful and self-confident on the stage, it was an “a-ha” moment for Jane to use these techniques for everyday tough situations.
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Lucky Buddha to find a home in Jane Marla Robbins’ Topanga Canyon garden and have her take down his every wise word. Her poems will set you smiling, then laughing, then seeing, then smiling a deeper kind of smile. Step into her garden and make your day.'”    
-- John Guare, playwright, House of Blue Leaves, Six Degrees of Separation

"Lively- cerebral-witty, yet filled with profound reflections, Robbins’ work reminds us that poetry can be both a celebration and an entertainment- not to mention food for thought."
-- Patricia Bosworth, Vanity Fair, contributing editor; author of Anything Your Little Heart Desires and An American Family Story












"Jim Conway, L.A. psychologist, says since working with Jane, his (socialphobic’s)/client’s 'level of functioning is about one thousand times better.'"
Los Angeles Times













Gold Medal Axiom Business Book Award

"Cliffs Notes for life."
L.A. Magazine

"An amusing packet
of thirty-five cue cards.
For a real confidence boost."
Bloomberg News