“The poetry is playful and moving. It resonates with the earnest search for, and finding of love and nurturing. The book is wonderful.”
- Megan Rice, author of Black Mountain College:
My Creation Myth
and The Art of Mothering

These poems, like the café it celebrates, and the people who hang out there, are variously funky, funny, serious, original, full of life, cozy, smart, silly, insightful, fantastical, spiritual, inspiring, well-crafted and celebratory.

“The writing is nourishment. And moving. I want to go to the café – although I feel that I have already been there.”
Pamela Shaw, actor, Lucky Stiff and The Whistleblower

“Throughout Café Mimosa in Topanga Jane Marla Robbins reminds us we’re all lucky enough to have places in our lives that rise from the prosaic to the poetic. It’s a place we all need.”
David Finkle, author of People Tell Me Things and The Man With the Overcoat

"Café Mimosa in Topanga is a lively, elegiac dance, full
of love and healing.”
Aram Saroyan, author of Complete Minimal Poems,
William Carlos Williams Award and Day and Night:
Bolinas Poems

“Jane Marla Robbins, poet and Topanga shaman,
journeys her readers, as the café does its regulars, out
of their hunger and loneliness and into fullness and
happiness. The poems are elegantly crafted, smart and
Peter Angelo Simon, photographer, author of Big
Apple Circus
and Muhammad Ali Fighter’s Heaven 1974

“These are poems of Place, composed with deceptively
perceptive observations, which makes them a pleasure
to read.”
Michael C. Ford, author of Language Commando,
Grammy nomination