Jane’s Workshops

Acting Techniques for Everyday Life

Included are techniques for:
overcoming self-consciousness; vocal charisma; regular charisma; organizing your material; and learning how to come up with any “colors” your speech may require: passionate, light, erudite, humorous, powerful, charming, moving, etc.

For sales people, lawyers, volunteers, anyone who wants to speak effectively, effortlessly, and even joyfully in public.

Ongoing workshops in Topanga, California

Jane also coaches privately, via Zoom and via Skype.

For more information contact janemarlarobbins@gmail.com
or call 310-455-1579.




Google posted
Jane talking to
fifty of its
on their
YouTube site.

See the video.

"A dynamic and compelling speaker, Jane answers questions with humor, warmth
and wisdom, explaining how people can use acting techniques to become their
most self-confident, happy, charismatic, or wittiest selves."

Charlotte Holtzerman,
The Topanga Messenger