Poems of COVID-19


Stuck in Lockdown: The First Three Months
“Jane Marla Robbins has stories to tell. She’s been observing the blunt losses and little victories that come with a once-in-a-century pandemic. The resulting poems constitute a cri de coeur from a Topanga soul that we can all relate to. Mixed in with the words are several well-chosen photos that together bring something welcome and unexpected in tough times: comfort.”
– Jimmy Roberts, composer, I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change

“The poet chronicles her first three months of the pandemic with wit and heart. With ruminations on toilet paper, to eulogies for friends felled during the New York death spike, these poems and photographs will see you through the upcoming pandemic months, or through any of life’s trials.”
– Diana Mathur, author, Article 58, The Ghastly Year

“These profound poems give meaning and words to what we’re all feeling while living in an unreal time of chaos, uncertainty and change. Somehow, the poems capture the essence of our experience. They are life-
affirming, and bring the lucky reader to a place of peace.”
– Kellee White, Licensed Marriage Family Therapist

“When Jane Marla Robbins looks, she doesn’t see only herself, she sees the world and us there with her. This collection of poetry is her gift of healing and uplift during unsettling times. She offers comfort, humor, and companionship. In this time of separation, her poems of beauty and resilience defy the order of separation by bringing us to her and her to us.”
– Lisa Segal, author/artist, Kicking Towards the Deep End, METAMORPHOSIS, Jack Grapes’ Method Writing: The Brush-Up

“Jane Marla Robbins deftly documents what it’s like to live under the life and death threat of the Coronavirus. The volume contains poems of grief for friends and aha! poems of revelation. There is anger and desperation at the lack of national leadership. Lastly, but not least, there is Robbins’ special brand of humor. POEMS OF COVID-19 smartly
covers what it’s like to live in a pandemic sweeping the world.”
– Jean Colonomos, playwright/author, Treasure Hunt, Dramalogue Award, Art Farm, host, Poetry at Cafe 27

“When things are going well, we tend to forget about the healing nature of poetry. But when things get extreme or even unbearable, we turn to poetry for comfort. POEMS OF COVID-19 offers just that. Having experienced the gamut of emotions caused by the lockdown, and worse having lost friends to the virus, Robbins searches for comfort and beauty where she can – and makes the proverbial lemonade out of the lemons.”
– Joan Gelfand, author, Extreme, You Can Be a Winning Writer: the 4 C’s of Author Success

“Beautiful! These poems, so personal and honest, give voice to our own grieving, tormented and angry souls in this epic moment of the pandemic, economic chaos and racial justice work. Interspersed with humor and beautiful photography, Jane Marla Robbins shines the light on the profound and amazing energy of life that underline all the upheaval. She brings us home.”
– Yukiko Amaya, founder of Sundari Sacred Arts

“An important book! The poems are noble, dignified, and honest. The photographs are evocative.”
– Megan Rice, author/artist, The Art of Mothering, Teen Scream

“These timely and devastating pandemic poems hit a nerve. They chronicle the poet’s demoralization and frustration at the new normal, with its shortages and insults. Containing occasional rays of hope, this chapbook reminds us of what really matters in our lives.”
– Alexis Rhone Fancher, poetry editor, The Cultural Weekly

“Jane Marla Robbins’ new collection, POEMS OF COVID-19, is an absolute delight. Bittersweet, funny and heartbreaking at once, a testament to our time, it brilliantly captures slices of life and surprises the reader at very turn. At times euphoric, at times sad, it is a haunting and tender tribute to her friends as she celebrates and mourns them. The inventive poems read as a diary full of wonder, a hymn to life, and an uplifting meditation on loss, love, and intimate tenderness.”
– Hélène Cardona, author, Life in Suspension,
International Press Award, Best Book Award

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Perform at Your Best: Acting Techniques for Business, Personal & Social Success
In this witty, informative, useful deck, the techniques that Jane so artfully communicated in her book, Acting Techniques for Everyday Life: Look and Feel Self-Confident in Difficult Real Life Situations, are easily understood and fun to read and use.

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enlargements of the cards.

Jane Marla Robbins
talks about how stage techniques can inspire you everyday
In an 18-minute Radio Interview
on CJAD Radio in Montreal, Jane Marla Robbins talks about how she came up with the idea for the acting techniques cards and how she uses them in her workshops. Even though actors have always used these techniques to make themselves more beautiful and self-confident on the stage, it was an “a-ha” moment for Jane to use these techniques for everyday tough situations.
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"Jim Conway, L.A. psychologist, says since working with Jane, his (socialphobic’s)/client’s 'level of functioning is about one thousand times better.'"
Los Angeles Times