About Jane:
Coach and Consultant

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Jane has led workshops at:
Litigation Strategists, for law firms all over the US 2004-2007
Women in Business, Los Angeles 2005
Tomorrow’s Leaders Today, Los Angeles 2005
Women at the United Nations, New York, 2005
Trickle Up Program, New York, 2006
Women in Film, Los Angeles 2004
The Learning Annex, Los Angeles, 2005
Santa Monica College, Santa Monica 2005-2006
Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles 1994- 2005
University of Judaism, Los Angeles 1995-2007
The Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA 1995-2004


Workshop: Acting Techniques for Everyday Life

Self-Transformation: The Art of the Actor

Students learn acting techniques to help them look and feel confident in difficult real-life situations, such as job interviews, blind dates, family functions, or any situation they think could be more fun, but isn’t. Students learn to fulfill, as fully as possible, the potential of any of the roles they have chosen to play in life: Business person, parent, child, teacher, or public speaker. Classes will include the study, exploration and discussion of at least the following techniques: The actor’s physical preparation; vocal, mental and emotional preparation; spiritual preparation; relaxation; sense memory; substitution; personalization; playing a character; animal exercises; overcoming self-consciousness; and the psycho-physical action.

Jane has taught classes and led workshops and seminars at:
Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, 1994-2004
The University of Judaism, Los Angeles, 1995-2004
The Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA, 1992-2004
Santa Monica College, Santa Monica, CA, 2002-2003
Pierce College, Woodland Hills, CA, 1991-1995
Classes Unlimited, Los Angeles, 1989-92
The Information Exchange, Los Angeles, 1985-89
The Brearley School, New York, 1984
The Body-Mind Institute, Los Angeles, 1983-8

Workshop: Acting Techniques for Business Success

Participants learn tried and true techniques to help them look and feel self-confident in business situations. They learn to perform to the best of their ability, discovering and practicing a wealth of tools to make more effective business presentations; develop maximum vocal power; communicate with clients and employees; to master optimum selling techniques.

Workshops include the study and practice of at least the following techniques: physical and vocal preparations; emotional and mental preparations; relaxation techniques; role playing, sense memory exercises; playing a character; playing your most powerful business self.

Workshops for Children

Jane has also taught children and young adults at:
LA Leadership Academy 2004
The Brearley School (NYC) 2003
Topanga Elementary (Star Program) 2001
Woodland Hills Elementary 2001
Aviva Center (L.A.)2000
Queens College (NYC, directing The Marriage of Figaro) 1990

Workshops for Writers

Jane also leads private writers' workshops in Topanga
“The Art of the One-Woman Play”
“Poetry: The Poet’s Art. The Performance Art”

Jane’s acting and writing credits include the book based on her workshops, Acting Techniques for Everyday Life, published in 2003 (now in it’s fifth printing!); the deck of cards, Perform at Your Best: Acting Techniques for Business, Personal & Social Success; the one-woman play Reminiscences of Mozart by His Sister (commissioned by the The Kennedy Center and performed by her both there and at Lincoln Center); Dear Nobody (her one-woman play which ran a year in NY and toured to London and all over the US). You can catch her in the movies Rocky I, II, V, and Arachnophibia, and on TV in ER, Murder She Wrote, and The Heidi Chronicles.

Jane graduated Magnum Cum Laude from Bryn Mawr College and completed post-graduate studies in psychology at Antioch College.

“Jane’s energy and empathy are amazing. She was able to say exactly what I
needed to hear so I could change in the way I wanted.”

Pam Nelson, Student, Loyola Marymount

A Role in Their Health
Thespian Jane Marla Robbins shares her professional techniques to help people overcome everyday problems.
The Los Angeles Times (Pre-1997 Fulltext); Los Angeles, Calif.; Mar 26, 1993; James E. Fowler;

Relaxation Becoming a Class Act
Techniques Help Take The Edge Off Stressful Situations
By Diana E. Lundin
Daily News Staff Writer

"She gave me a technique that enables me to get over my
to stay inside myself more and to enjoy giving speeches."

Ginger Lapid-Bogda,
Management Consultant to
The Los Angeles Times

“Anyone who has ever endured an attack of nerves before a job interview, important social function, or any form of public speaking will benefit from the strategies in this self-help manual.”

Publishers Weekly

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