Jane Teaches

Here’s what people in business say about Acting Techniques for Business Success: The Workshop
with Jane Marla Robbins

"It’s amazing how much it settles you," he said, "Even a year ago, I would have a completely different feeling about (making a script presentation). It was almost as if they were doing a favor seeing you. (Now) if they don’t want a story, that ‘s their problem."
--Jeffrey Davis, Los Angeles Daily News

"Jane’s techniques helped me in both my business and my personal life."
--Russ Phelps, quoted in the Los Angeles Times

"Jane Marla Robbins describes acting techniques and shows how they can be applied to all sorts of difficult everyday situations. I’m here to say that these exercises really work! Acting Techniques for Everyday Life will make you feel terrific about yourself."
--Patricia Bosworth, contributing editor for Vanity Fair

"As an educator, former media and film executive and producer, I think Jane Marla Robbins has developed a fabulous confidence-building tool for people from all walks of life."
--Stephen R. Greenwald, president, Metropolitan College of New York

"Jane is psychologically savvy, and fun… She becomes your friend and your coach, leading you out of your self-conscious funk and into the world of entitlement and self-fulfillment."
--Dr. Cheryl Kleefeld, psychologist

"Before I started seeing Jane my stomach would go in knots and I would have to be really self-conscious about what I would say. Now I just talk. I let myself go a lot more than I used to."
--Kristian Landsdale, Commercial Talent Agent

"The good actors make you believe they are the characters they are acting. Jane Marla Robbins teaches you these actor skills so you can be that person you want to be. It works."
--John G. Avildsen, director, Rocky I, III, IV; The Karate Kid

"A small but profound volume whose straightforward techniques are nonetheless deeply wise. A companion for any of us looking for help on our journey to the authentic self."
--David B. Leof, M.D., psychiatrist at Jungian Psychoanalyst, San Francisco

"Jane Marla Robbins’ Acting Techniques for Everyday Life carves out a unique niche for itself in the world of self-help: actors go to acting school to learn how to act, but Robbins’ book deftly stands this premise on its head and shows people how to use acting techniques in order to learn how to be people. It’s a book that lives up to its innovative premise."
--Nicholas Meyer, writer, director, Star Trek III